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(no subject) [Nov. 16th, 2007|11:48 am]
sometimes your past comes back to bite you in the ass, in the worst possible way.

At least thanksgiving is soon.
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TELEPHONEEEEEEEEEEEEE [Sep. 3rd, 2007|11:19 am]
So I am back at school in good old Purchase, Ny. I have a wonderful living situation. I have a single in a suite with some really cool dudes. We have been pretty much fucked up the whole time and it's been an enjoyable time.

I did something the other day, which was totally unlike me and my luck has been so different since. I might have only done it cuz i was wasted, but it was still a little bit awesome.

The only downer in my life is I had an old co worker/friend come back into my life. Before she quit we were both flirting like crazy and had both expressed feelings for each other. There was the one problem of a boy friend who she was living with because her life was so fucked she couldn't live at home. When she quit, we went our other directions. There was a time when her bf cheated on her and she called me then she went away again. But recently, a job was available and she started contacting me again. I did not know that. With words of how much i missed you and I always think about you. It brought back those old feelings. When I was to return to work I was informed of her wanting to get a job with the company again. I then realized I was being used. She was still living with her boy friend and she did not want me, she wanted me to help her get the job. I kindly try see if there was a way to continue a friendship, but this morning I decided that why was she worth any of this trouble. Because for some reason I feel the need to express my feelings to other people I told her I could not be friends with her anymore and wished her the best of luck.

Fuck her. Someone brought up that this was supp to be the best years of my life. Honestly theyhavent. I let stupid shit bring me down all the time. This is will be different. I just dont care that much anymore and I don't want to be in the middle anymore. I cant solve everyones problems and bring everyone back.

It's a beautiful day outside and I have off today and tomorrow.

Also, I got a number of a girl who has an interest in world world II and history. To say beside the fact she was cute, I got a semi right there. She wanted MY number.
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(no subject) [Jun. 1st, 2007|03:59 pm]
So Summer has begun. I haven't done anything really to post about.

Well I went to London. That was amazing. I saw a lot. I think i enjoyed it more than everyone else because I enjoy history. Im glad to be back in the grand USA.

I am at RCC, taking two classes on Tues-Thursdays. I never thought 3 hour classes were hard, but when your there twice a day 3 days a week, they take a lot of you. They aren't hard classes, but as I learned some kids don't know that there was a year 0.

In two weeks I start my internship at Roadrunner, which will be a amazing chance because it star when my classes end and I will still be able to make $ this summer. For the most part I will be calling radio stations around the country and helping out with press with new albums.

There is Michelle's graduation party next weekend, which im excited for but I have to be back at work at 8pm for inventory. Then there is a Syndicate party at beer gardens in queens the week afterwards.

I really hope I can see D4 again. See The lawrence arms once. And that the new against me record is better than the last one.

"Shut Up Hamilla!'
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(no subject) [May. 15th, 2007|02:51 am]
Killing Yourself to Live: 85% of a True Story

by Chuck Klosterman

was read in one full day on a long trip from london back to the us of a.

I might just be drunk. I might just be tired, maybe just drunk and tired. But i cant stop thinking about what he said in this book.

it was good real good.

"Shut up Hamilla!"
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either/or [May. 7th, 2007|02:05 am]
So im home from my finals after my junior year of school. I tried hard this semester, so hopefully I’ll be good to go next semester. Im only worried about one class.

Home has been okay, kinda lame, kinda fun. Kinda boring, but Im enjoying not have to deal with radio things and people Id rather not see and shitty food.

Hot topic has been fun. I swear I encounter some really weird people there. It’s really easy to try and sell things to people when you act like a jackass(this only works for people under 15 ) They love me there and it beats working at drug world.

Im going to London on Wednesday and I’ll be back on Monday night. Im kinda of really excited. The weather seems like it will be damp a lot, but Im okay with that. Im going with my aunt, my two cousins, my brother and sister. England is always a place I have wanted to go, so I’m happy I have the chance to go. My plane leaves on Wednesday night, so I guess im supposed to sleep on the plane there, but I doubt that will happen. I have a couple of good books lined up and ready to be read.

When I get back I have about another week of work and then I start my two summer classes at RCC for a month. Its only 3 days a week all day for a month, so hopefully it will be fast, and then its back to working mostly and hopefully an internship. I fucked myself over with a music one this summer, so Im going to do my history one, cuz I have to anyway. Plus it would be at the Rockland Historical Society, and there isn’t anyone who loves Rockland more than me. Lol

But there are lots of things to look forward to. Set Your Goals on the 28th at the school of rock. Rock the bells with Wu tang, rage, mos def, and public enemy. The souls in long island. Michelle’s graduation party and I have an awesome idea for her grad present. And I have a 2nd date with a girl named Jessica. Shes pretty neat. Her favorite band is underoath, eh, but shes a really nice girl. It still kinda early, but I could see m self dating her and I haven’t felt like that in awhile. I was worried that we might not have anything in common, but we seemed to click and she said yes to a second date. Plus nina and hitchings coming home, plus the rest of the gaggle.

So my life plan
Get a job in the music industry
If not, get a manager job at Hot topic
Still try for music industry.
Take police test at 25, if all else fails.

“shut up Hamilla!”
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it has been awhile [Mar. 30th, 2007|03:43 pm]
The last couple of weeks I have been doing alot of things that I never knew which would interest me.

I've had the chance to start shooting videos and acting a little bit. Acting is alright, I really don't need to be anyone else. But I really like being behind the lens. All these different ideas and ideas of angles and the way to show emotion and creativity though has really gotten to me in the last month.

I honestly thought, the class would be really hard, but it's actually my easiest class.

I'm really heads over heels for this girl and she knows this. And feelings have been expressed on both points, but now its at a stall point.

Other than being a little awkward, my muttering, and my being anal about alot of things, my biggest down fall is letting things linger in my head for longer than they should be.

Also, go check out Owen. If you like New Amerstdamns, Jewel, Say Anything, Saves the Day, Kevin Devine, Elloit Smith, type of stuff.

I have 4 weeks left of my junior year in college.

- Hammy Time
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Thursday/Murder By Death [Jan. 31st, 2007|08:46 pm]
I am interviewing them both on Friday at the Chance. If you would like to ask them a question message me and I will ask them.
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(no subject) [Dec. 1st, 2006|02:40 am]
Tomorrow my parents are putting my dog Charlie to sleep. Over the last couple of months she has been losing weight and not moving around as much. Over the last week she has not been eating and going outside. We have had Charlie since i was 7, thus her being 13 years old. Charlie was the dog of the house, the 6th member of our family. She was an extremely loyal dog and was always there when i walked into the house at 3am.

Before i went back to school after break, I went up and hugged Charlie and and i gave her a biscuit and some water. It was the first time she had ate and drank in about 4 days. It was a nice memory to leave with. Something I will always remember. I loved Charlie with my whole heart, she was the dog that made me a dog person. I couldn't have asked for a better friend and a better animal to have by your side for my childhood. I am just happy that she will no longer be in pain.
So if you please take this moment
Try if you can make it last
Don't think about no future and just forget about the past
and make it last.
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(no subject) [Nov. 16th, 2006|11:58 am]
WMVL presents: Afterlife

THE Premiere HipHop event of the year
Time and Place:
Thursday, November 16, 2006 at 9:00pm - Tonight!!!!

The Pub

2900 Purchase Street

Purchase, NY


Performances by:
Termanology (headliner)
Max Jerome (DJ sets all nigt!)

With our second annual Rap Battle

Free with Mville ID
$5 off campus guest

There will be a bar, yes a bar!
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11/16/06 AFTERLIFE - Hip Hop Event [Oct. 30th, 2006|04:27 pm]
WMVL - Manhattanville College Radio

AFTERLIFE, Our Premier Hip Hop Event

There will be a live DJ spinning vinyl and a special performance.

We will also be having a MC Battle, with the winner receiving a $100 MasterCard gift prize.

To get into the Battle its $5 a head.

This event is free for on campus people.
It's $5 for off campus people.

There will be a bar!

If you are interested in attending or participating
drop a line to
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